• Pippa Gawley


Recently, I had a lot of fun sharing some thoughts on early stage climate-tech investing, and how we got to this point with Zero Carbon Capital.

Firstly, with Jake Wombwell-Povey & Max Middleton on the "Venturing into Sustainability" podcast . Jake has been a phenomenal supported of ZCC, and gave us a lot of great advice and introductions during our fundraising period. We're very thankful for his help.

Also with Andrew Lockley on the "Reviewer 2 does Geoengineering" podcast . Andrew has really helped our understanding of the carbon removal space, and some of the ground breaking ideas gaining traction there. I enjoyed pulling apart fund dynamics with him.

I find it so hard to talk about what we are trying to do with ZCC largely because of self-esteem and imposter syndrome issues. I know a lot of people feel this, but also know that confidence issues are a big contributor to women being so underrepresented in cleantech, and in particular, getting so little investment. I try to talk about what we are doing to demystify it and give other women the idea to try angel investing, to try and build a company - there are so many resources and supporters out there who want to help, they far out number those who will try to undermine you (a subject for another podcast, I think). More on this soon.


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