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Big climate impact

This is a big problem. We need big solutions. >500MT CO2e per year at scale.


Exceptional team

Ambitious and passionate with the expertise and grit needed for long-term success


Hard science

Innovations grounded in the physical sciences that attack the hardest problems.

  • Pre-Seed and Seed. Sometimes Series A.
    With our network and knowledge, we can help you most early in your journey. We have strong connections to later stage investors to help your funding grow as your business does.

  • EIS eligible
    Meet the HMRC guidelines for EIS eligibility, including "permanent operations" in the UK.


Yes to all of these?

Not a fit?

It's going to take all sorts of companies and a huge amount of innovation to crack this nut. We can't fund them all, so we've gathered together some other great opportunities on our #ZeroCarbonKarma feed.

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Please include detail on how you meet all five of our investment criteria:

  1. 500Mt CO2e per year emissions reduction

  2. Exceptional team

  3. Hard science (physics, chemistry, biology) innovation

  4. Pre-seed to Series A

  5. Based in the UK

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