We have a problem


Massive increases in atmospheric green-house gas concentration are fundamentally changing our climate.


Shifting weather patterns, rising sea levels and increasingly frequent severe weather events. These changes are already having a huge human and ecological impact. Sadly we're only at seeing the very beginning of the changes that will happen if we don't reverse the trend of green-house gas concentrations.


It's time to fix it


It'll be hard, but we can do it.


We need to electrify as many sectors as possible and transition to a carbon neutral grid. We need innovative scientific solutions for hard to decarbonise sectors like agriculture, industry, long-haul transport, heating and cooling. And we need to suck large amounts of green house gasses out of the air.

Green Forest

Let's do this

We back UK-based early-stage companies on a mission to address the hardest problems of climate change.


Big climate impact

This is a big problem. We need big solutions. >500MT CO2e per year at scale.


Exceptional team

Ambitious and passionate with the expertise and grit needed for long-term success


Hard science

Innovations grounded in the physical sciences that attack the hardest problems.

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